The National, Savages, and Youth Lagoon at the 2013 Laneway Festival in Detroit, MI.

Savages was incredibly intense. The National, as always, reminded me why live music exists, and what it should be used for. And Ethan hung out with the Guitarist from Youth Lagoon.

"Watching Matt Berninger is more like witnessing a confession than a performance." —Evan Gage 

Anonymous asked: Hey there! I was on your blog around two years ago and you posted this video or something of you skating to see your friend I'm pretty sure. This sounds really weird haha but there was a song in the background of your video and I've been trying to remember it for ages! Do you remember it by any chance? Haha

Hey! No problem,

I think the two songs I had in that video were

Fineshrine — Purity Ring 
Cadillac Girl — OnlyReal

Meredith - Purity Ring Concert 2013

How many times his mind harkens back to these moments in awe and love.

The face of a father who has just realized how tiny his baby boy will be. 

Wesley + Beer Samplers + Me + Missing Meredith

Two of my favorite people: wesley and his girlfriend

thisiswesleyanderson asked: Your photos are becoming better & better in dynamics and editing. Thus I say "please post more"!

Thank you! Sometimes I just need to know that people care. I just dropped off two rolls of film to be developed with shots of The National, Youth Lagoon, Savages, and friends from the summer. Hopefully I’ll have those up soon. Much love back to you. 

Anchor Socks on Wesley Anderson

Pirate or Princess?

Good Luck from Stumptown Coffee

Mt. Hood.

Photo by Ethan Gehrke